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Thanks for the help.

A guest left her cell phone in the taxi cab. An Ace Valet tracked down the cab, but the driver wouldn't return to the hotel. The Valet had a family member meet the cab, retrieve the phone and bring it to him at the hotel. Our guest was extremely grateful for the exceptional service.

Thanks for speaking my language.

At a Houston convention, guests gathered from around the world; many of whom only spoke French. A multi-lingual Ace Valet and master's student in International Studies, took the lead speaking French to these VIPs and ensured smooth operations. His services were appreciated by all.

Thanks for understanding

A woman and her very ill child pulled up to an Ace garage just as she ran out of gas. The woman ran with her child into the nearby hospital. Together, Ace team members pushed her car off the street and guarded it until her return and helped get gas. The woman was deeply touched.