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Welcome to the Ace family! We are thrilled about our new partnership and look forward to this exciting new chapter in a new era of modernization for Las Vegas. Your experience brings to our team extensive knowledge and service expertise. We bring to you our depth of knowledge in paid parking, extensive array of tools for modernizing parking, and a passion for customer success. It’s no wonder we are a great fit! Please follow the link below to submit your profile and become part of the Ace family. Click here to submit your profile.

Timecard Approval System

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TAS Training Videos:

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Introduction to the Timecard Approval System (TAS)
Editing and Approving Pay Periods in TAS
Using the Manager Dashboard

TAS Frequently Asked Questions:

View the TAS FAQ here

TAS Documentation:

Click on the document you would like to view:

grAce website request form

If you are an Ace Employee and would like to be provided with access to the grAce website, please follow the link below. You will need to have a valid Google/Gmail account before you can sign up. Access to the site is restricted to active Ace Parking Employee’s only. Click here to request access.

Attention all California employees:

California has updated the state income tax withholding tables effective 11/01/09. Click here to visit the Franchise Tax Board website for more information. Submit a form DE-4 if you wish to update your filing status. Fax this form to (619) 245-2691, or give to your Manager or Supervisor to submit to the Payroll Department.

Ace Parking promotes from within

Visit our Internal Job Listing page for the latest internal jobs listings at Ace Parking.

Updating Personal information

If your personal information needs to be updated, complete this form and submit to Human Resources. Note that these changes will update your file going forward, but will not change the information already on your Form W-2.

To update your Federal or State (where applicable) tax filing status complete a new Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. Submit this form by fax to (619) 245-2691, Attn: HRIS Team, or give it to your manager to forward to Human Resources .

Requesting Copies of Pay Stubs and W-2’s

Employees may access copies of earnings statements and W-2s directly from the ADP Self-Service Portal. In order to access these documents, employees must first register with ADP by clicking on the link below. Registration is a 5-step process which requires the pass code provided Below. After entering this pass code, you will be asked additional information which can be found on any check stub you’ve received from Ace Parking.

ADP Self Service Registration Link
Self Service Registration Pass Code: (Email the Payroll Department to obtain the current Registration Code. It is changed quarterly.)

Details instructions on how to register: iPayStatements Instructions

If you prefer to have another paper copy mailed to you, please complete and submit this form. Note that additional copies will only be provided after January 31, 2013.

Contact the Payroll Department or Human Resources if you have any questions.

Ace Parking Lot Occupancy App

Both versions of the app are being side loaded to your device and will require some security setting changes to all the install. We do this because it is a Company private app and we don’t want it listed in the app store.

iPhone tap here to install (App installs in background beneath this open browser session)

Android tap here to install (You should do this from your Android device)